Acts 23-26 (part 1) Paul in Caesarea (Podcast)

In this study:

  • How did Paul’s Roman citizenship help him?
  • How did Claudius Lysius (the Roman Tribune) show that Paul had favor in his eyes?
  • What is the story behind the beautiful city of Caesarea Maritima?
  • How did Tacitus describe Governor Felix?
  • Why was Felix impressed with Paul’s case-making?
  • Why didn’t Felix release Paul?
  • Why was the church called “The Way?”
  • What seemed to bring conviction, or at least fear, to Felix?
  • How long was Paul in Caesarea?
  • Why did Paul appeal to Caesar?
  • What is the background story of Agrippa II and Bernice and Drusilla?
  • What was Festus’ dilemma? How did he think Agrippa might help him?
  • What made the setting so dramatic when Paul was brought before Festus and Agrippa?

Stay in the battle!


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