Why I Am a Posttribber–Answers to Pretrib Arguments (3 of 3) (podcast)

Third of Three Podcasts on Posttribulationalism

These three podcasts are put together from a recording I made about 15 years ago. I have been reluctant to upload them as podcasts because (1) of my perception that discussions of the end times often lead to more heat than light, (2) many of my closest Christian brothers and sisters, as well as some of my favorite teachers, are prettribbers, and it’s somewhat painful to disagree with them, and, perhaps most importantly, (3) there seem to be so many other Christian issues into which I would prefer to put my time and energy.

But a few days ago, one of my former students asked me specifically if I would consider making this available. So I am prayerfully doing that.

I should also say that if I were to re-make these recordings, I would certainly change a few things, but my perception is that any changes would not be significant enough to make it worth the time that it would take to re-do the recordings.

Remember, if you are not persuaded, that’s ok! You may be right!

The main take-away that I would hope you might get from these recordings is that all Christians, regardless of our end time views, need to be spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically as prepared as we can be for the possibility of upcoming difficult days. Christians are not exempt from times of tribulation!

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