What Am I Really Passionate About?

This is a comment I uploaded to Myspace last year. I decided to add it to our weblog just to keep the posts together.

Am I Passionate for Christ?

If you look around a bit, you will find people who are PASSIONATE about some things.

PASSIONATE about their favorite kinds of sports
PASSIONATE about their music
PASSIONATE about video games
PASSIONATE about traveling
PASSIONATE about hobbies
PASSIONATE about hunting
PASSIONATE about academic studies (well, that’s a bit less common!)
PASSIONATE about their careers
PASSIONATE about their spouses or sweethearts
PASSIONATE about their friends
PASSIONATE about their children
PASSIONATE about "having a good time"

How can we tell that they have a passion? It’s obvious! That’s all they want to talk about! That’s what they devote all their time and energy to! They spend hours studying their passion and practicing their passion! They can’t get enough of it! They may lose sleep or skip meals to devote more time and energy to their PASSION!

Most of us would agree that some of these things are certainly worth being passionate about!

But there is Someone Who is of infinitely more worth when it comes to being passionate! Am I truly PASSIONATE about Him?

What am I doing to show that I have a passion for Him? What am I saying, and to whom, to communicate that I have a passion for Him?

How would we describe our current level of passion for Christ? Little or none? Then maybe it’s time for us to do some serious meditation about Who He is. And about what He has done!

How will others recognize that I have a passion for Christ? It’ll be easy! Just like any other passion! But here are some characteristics.

People who are passionate about Christ do things like this:

Passionately read, study, and memorize His Word! Passionately talk with others about His Word!
praise and worship Him! Communicate excitement about Him!
get involved in meetings where He is exalted! (church, morning devotions, prayer circles, etc.)
learn His principles for successful living!
Passionately use the spiritual gift He has given each of us!
Passionately take a public stand on Biblical issues and principles!

Maybe it’s time for us to get…

Passionate for Christ!