Steve’s Veritas Testimony (podcast)

On Friday and Saturday, April 25 & 26, 2014, my friend Joe Echols and the church he pastors, Cross Timber Church in Loudon, sponsored an excellent Christian apologetics seminar (“Defending Our Hope”) at the Loudon High School in Loudon, TN. Sam Dallas and Ryan Moore were the teachers. These two very sharp Christian apologists shared excellent information for Christians who are beginning to realize the critical importance of the discipline of Christian apologetics.

At Joe’s invitation,  I had the privilege of sharing a Veritas testimony with the very sweet and encouraging group of people who were attending the seminar.

If you are curious about how the Veritas Club got started and what it’s all about, I think you may find this podcast to be interesting.

Here are links to the handouts that you hear me reference in the talk.

Information for teacher sponsors

Want to check out the video playlist? Here’s the link: YouTube Veritas Series

If you are a high school teacher, I would love to talk with you about Veritas! Feel free to call me or text me at 423-261-5562.

If you are not a high school teacher, but have friends who are, please consider sharing this information with them!

Thanks for listening! And Stay in the Battle!

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