Spiritual Warfare 9 of 10 (The Security of the Believer) (podcast)

The following Scriptures are offered with brief comments to encourage believers who might be struggling with thoughts that perhaps they have “fallen out of grace” or lost their salvation. Others may be living their lives in anxiety and fears that something might happen someday that would cause them to miss out on Eternal Life. The Bible plainly teaches (as you will see from these verses) that once you truly become a child of God, nothing can ever change that! He will keep you forever! When we finally get this wonderful truth internalized, we find that it gives us tremendous confidence in facing the battles of life!

I suppose that I should hasten to add that there are many who claim to be children of God who are not! Just because one claims to know Jesus does not mean he really knows Jesus.

This doctrine has often been perverted by unbelievers to justify their continuing in sin. (Hey, it’s o.k. for me to continue in this sin! Remember, “Once saved always saved!”) A true believer has no desire to continue in any sin (even though through the weakness of the flesh he may often fall into sin in spite of his deepest desire to stay out of it).

You will learn from these verses that our Loving Father wants us to have a deep assurance, peace, and sense of security that comes from knowing that He will keep us as His own, forever! You will find yourself to be a far more effective spiritual warrior when you know, in the depths of your being, that God has made you “invulnerable.” Your body may be destroyed, but your inner man is eternally indestructible. One can fight an enemy with complete boldness when one knows that he is ultimately doomed and we are ultimately safe! On the other hand, if the enemy can talk us out of this important doctrine, it becomes easy for him to intimidate us with fears that he might one day pull one over on us and cause us to lose our salvation after all. The assurance that comes from this doctrine is critical for effective warfare!

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