Spiritual Warfare 8 of 10 (The Helmet of Salvation) (podcast)

The helmet of salvation gives us supreme hope as we do battle against the enemy. (Notice that in 1 Thessalonians 5:8, the helmet is said to be “the hope of salvation.”) Remember, the word “hope” in the Bible refers to a certain expectation of a future blessing. The idea is that there are aspects of our salvation that are yet future. We look forward to our future glorification with complete assurance. There is no implication of doubt or uncertainty as there is in the current English connotation of the word “hope.”

The helmet of salvation enables us to take the long (Eternal) view of the warfare. If we do not have it on, Satan can cause us to give up, quit, despair, and become discouraged by whispering words to us like, “You’re having to wait too long! This fight is lasting too long! This isn’t working, you may as well quit.” etc.)

The helmet of salvation enables us to maintain total confidence in victory, no matter how long the battle may seem to last here on earth. We have a salvation that is certain and eternal! We cannot be ultimately defeated! There is absolutely no room for discouragement in light of the helmet of salvation!

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