Psalm 139 Sanctity of Human Life Sunday 2018 (podcast)

In this study:

  • The omniscience of God
  • The omnipresence of God
  • The difference between omnipresence and pantheism
  • The amazing creation of a human baby in the image of God
  • How pro-abortionists love darkness and hate the light and frantically try to stamp it out
  • Illustrations from current news items
  • Time of prayer (requests listed below)

Stay in the battle!


(These requests are adapted from a pdf booklet entitled “21 Days of Prayer for Life” provided by BreakPoint)

List 1

  1. Pray that we will have courage to speak up when we hear or know of others who are not pro-life
  2. Pray for more pro-lifers grow in knowledge to be able to present a strong case for life
  3. Pray that God would open more doors and provide opportunities for pro-lifers to share and persuade others


List 2

  1. Pray that more pro-life crisis pregnancy centers will be funded well and be able to afford ultrasound machines
  2. Pray that more medical personnel will be willing to be medical directors at pro-life Crisis Pregnancy Centers
  3. Pray for the staff and volunteers at pro-life crisis pregnancy centers who become discouraged when moms choose to abort their babies


List 3

  1. Pray for more men to have the courage to speak out on the issue of abortion. Some feel they don’t have standing to speak up because they are men.
  2. Pray for Christian families in our church who may be tempted to see abortion as a quick fix for a young woman’s unplanned pregnancy
  3. Pray that our church will develop resources for men to help them be better equipped to defend the pro-life position


List 4

  1. Pray that voters and families will not be deceived by arguments that seem to complicate the issue. That they will see that it really is simply a matter of life and death of babies
  2. Pray that pro-life faculty members at colleges and universities will have the freedom and courage to present the case for life to students
  3. Pray for post-abortion men and women to realize their need for repentance and for salvation in Jesus Christ


List 5

  1. Thank God for our pastor and pray that he will have the wisdom to know when to speak out on the issue of abortion and that God will give him words that will touch hearts
  2. Pray that pro-life Christians will know how to answer those who try to twist Scripture to justify the sin of abortion
  3. Planned Parenthood, the leading abortion provider in the US, gets millions of taxpayer dollars. Pro-life Crisis pregnancy centers get none. Pray for the defunding of Planned Parenthood and for financial support for Crisis pregnancy centers


List 6

  1. Pray for elected officials who are pro-life and who are constantly attacked for being pro-life.
  2. Pray for the reversal of unjust laws like the one in california requiring crisis pregnancy centers to post information that refers women to abortion clinics
  3. Pray for parents to communicate clearly to their children why we are pro-life


List 7

  1. Pray for God to protect unborn children with Down Syndrome
  2. Pray that God will raise up more pro-life doctors who will encourage others to be pro-life
  3. Pray for women who have confessed the past sin of abortion to have God’s peace


List 8

  1. Pray for those who are trying to minister to women who have already had an abortion
  2. Pray for more churches to get involved in ministry to women who have had abortions
  3. Pray for counselors and caregivers to know how to discern what women considering abortion need to hear


List 9

  1. Pray for those who counsel women who are victims of sexual assault and abuse
  2. Pray for the brothers and sisters of aborted babies to deal with guilt, fear, and loss and to help their families find peace and forgiveness
  3. Pray for men who carry abortion shame because, in the past,  they encouraged women to have abortions


List 10

  1. Pray that undercover videos that expose the evils of abortion will not be censured by the courts or by the pro-abortion media
  2. Pray that people who are not Christians will still be able to realize that abortion is a great evil and that they would be drawn to Christ
  3. Pray that God will open the eyes of people who are blind to the moral truth of the evil of abortion


List 11

  1. Pray that our nation would experience such a revival that abortion would be come unthinkable
  2. Pray that God would give us divine appointments with people who need to hear the truth about abortion
  3. Pray that women thinking about having an abortion would be led to a pro-life crisis pregnancy center


List 12

  1. Pray for pro-life students who face opposition on college campuses
  2. Pray for more students to be willing to take an open stand for life
  3. Pray for pro-life students who are being discriminated against by other students and professors


List 13

  1. Pray for men who are grieving over abortions and are told that they just need to get over it
  2. Pray for abortion to be exposed through graphic photos. And that graphic photos of aborted babies will horrify the public as much as graphic photos from Nazi extermination camps horrified the public about Naziism.
  3. Pray that women who have had abortions will have the courage to speak out to discourage others from having abortions


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