Psalm 1 Delighting in God’s Word (Podcast)

In this podcast:

  • Introduction to the book of Psalms
  • Comparison of Jewish Tanakh and our Old Testament
  • Purposes of the Psalms–Why God gave them to us
  • How God shows us two ways and requires us to choose
  • The danger of ungodly counsel
  • Learning how to delight in God’s Word
  • How to meditate on God’s Word
  • How delighting and meditating on God’s Word makes us like fruit trees
  • How we can keep from withering up
  • The sad result of choosing the other way

This is a Bible study from our A5B class at Sevier Heights Baptist Church on June 4, 2017, with comments added at the end. If you were in the class, and wish to skip to the comments that were added after class, you may fast forward and pick it up at 22:40.

If you wish to watch the eclipse video on YouTube, you can find it here.

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