Poetry from Buck Bald

I haven’t been to Buck Bald in several years. But in previous years I used to drive up there alone, just to have some quiet time with the Lord.

(If you have never been to Buck Bald, it’s worth the drive! At the top you have ¬†an incredible 360-degree view of the quiet and peaceful mountains all around you! It’s pretty powerful!)

View from Buck Bald
View from Buck Bald

I was up there on October 17, 1993. And on that day, God gave me three brief poems, which I share with you here. I think they are worth a read. It’ll just take you a few seconds. I hope they are a blessing to you!

Autumn Glory

First comes the young bud, bright, warm and green.

Then the full leaf with shimmering sheen.

As spring, then summer, mosey along

The trees seem vibrant, hale and strong.

If all we could see was forever the green,

We would unceasingly celebrate spring.

You just can’t deny the uplifting sight

Of trees full of sunshine, healthy and bright.

But then after that comes the dazzling fall!

And briefly, by far, the most beauty of all.

The green leaves become a fire-blaze of glory;

And in all this grandeur, God tells a story.

“The fresh years of youth are both bright and strong;

And, to the young, seem so certain and long.

But for those who allow Me to work through the tears,

True beauty burns forth in those grand autumn years.”

Ever Spring

Golden leaves flash fading sunlight,

Fluttering through the cooling air.

On the dampened ground they lie now.

Mighty oaks stand still and bare.

After bitter cold and stillness,

Buds emerge in strengthening sun.

Green and fresh with hopeful warming,

Trees rejoice in clothing won.

God is saying to His small ones,

“See My children, muse for long,

There is first a fading glory.

Death must come with somber song.

“But it is not final, hear Me!

Look beyond the darkened ring!

See the light and warmth of glory!

Feel the joy of Ever Spring!”

The Message of the Mountains

Mountains stand in solemn stillness

Seeming just to always “be.”

Softly sighing wind in treetops

Sings the song, “Eternity.”

Years ago when I came by here

There they stood, the same as now.

When my forefathers imbibed them

Still they stood, the same as now.

Is there a message of the mountains?

Can we hear the voice of God?

He speaks in awesome silence to us

From these rocks and ancient sod.

“The mountains seem eternal to you

For whom few things stay the same.

But deeply think on Me, My child.

When they shall fall, I shall remain.”

Stay in the battle!

Steve Hall