Nehemiah 9:1-3 Cautions about the Devotional Book: Jesus Calling (Podcast)


The significance of public mourning over sin. The significance of the Hebrew word, “Yadah.” The significance of confessing the sins of our ancestors. The 1995 SBC resolution on race relations.  The importance of walking in repentance throughout life. Three hours in the Word followed by three hours of praise and worship. The problem of our short attention spans. The danger of wanting to hear from God apart from disciplined, time intensive Bible reading and Bible study.  The danger of substituting prayer for Bible study and obedience. The danger of a desire to get a message directly from God instead of hearing God through His Word, the Bible. The meaning of Sola Scriptura.  The dangers associated with Sarah Young’s devotional book, Jesus Calling, and the book which inspired her, God Calling.

Stay in the battle!


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