Memorizing Scripture–Which Verses?

The Bible is a big book! Memorizing is a slow process! Where do I start?

You may have decided that you are going to do it. (Have you bought your cards yet?)

The next question is, “Where do I start? Which verses do I memorize first?”

It’s a great question and an important one!

There are ready-made verse memory programs available. These are excellent. Most of them cover a wide range of Bible topics and help you memorize some of the favorite verses of many Christians.

In fact, you can download some free pages with memory verses ready to print and cut out and carry with you from our AboundingJoy web site. Check them out here…

These are verses I have used to challenge the FCA students to memorize in the high school where I teach math.

Here’s another idea. As you read the Bible, mark verses you come across that you believe God would be pleased for you to memorize. You may not get all of them (or even very many of them) memorized. But it’s a great way to find memory verses. It also helps you focus as you read the Bible. Your brain is always asking, “Which verse contains the essence of this passage? Which verse has a concise summary of a Biblical promise, command, or truth?”

Here’s another suggestion. Think about your own life. What are your areas of weakness? There are probably sins that you tend to fall into. Maybe pride, or lust, or laziness, or fear, or anxiety, or negativism, or lying, or anger. There are Bible verses that God has put in His Word that will give you victory over sin! And there are many verses that are “sin-specific”–they fit your problem!

You can look them up with a Bible study program or The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge.

We have lots of verses on our web site that will help with some of the common struggles Christians go through. Several of them are on the cards you can download from the link given above.

You can find some “Peace of God” verses here to combat worry and anxiety…

Some verses you can use to attack Satan (or defend yourself against him) are on this page…

Here are some verses to help you deal with anger…

And here are some verses that can help when you are going through fiery trials…

Commit to memorizing verses. Start with one, then another, then another. Persevere. And the time will come when you look back and say, “This has been one of the most profoundly important things I could have ever done in my life. Thank you, Lord, for giving me the grace to stick with it!”

One final suggestion. After you have developed a pattern for memorizing verses, you may want to consider memorizing longer passages. Sometimes there are sections of Scriptures containing several verses that need to be hidden in our hearts. Later, you may go for whole chapters. Many have memorized Psalm 100, Psalm 23, and even longer passages like Matthew 5, 6, and 7 (the three chapters of the Sermon on the Mount), or Romans chapters 6 and 8.

Centuries ago Christians would memorize entire chapters and books of the Bible. Today it still happens, but seems not to be as common as it should be. Too many Christians are comparing themselves with other Christians who are not memorizing Scripture! We can do better! Forget about the bad example someone else may be setting! Instead, think about what Jesus wants you to do!

Get strong in the Lord! Memorize His Word!