Matthew 21:18-23 Jesus Requires Fruit (Podcast)

The first 22 minutes of this podcast is a discussion of my “little birds” dream.

The study of Matthew 21 begins at 22:30.

In this study:

  • A brief review of the first 18 verses of Matthew 21
  • The significance of Jesus being hungry
  • The withering of the fig tree
  • The significance of fig trees to Israel
  • “The first Adam came to a fig tree looking for leaves. The last Adam came to a fig tree looking for fruit.” (Spurgeon)
  • A comparison of this event with the parable of the fig tree in Luke 13
  • What the destruction of Jerusalem (the antitype of the withering of the fig tree) really was like when it finally came in 70 AD (Josephus)
  • How Mark’s account (that the withering occurred over a period of two days) and Matthew’s account are not contradictory, and, in fact, serve to corroborate the trustworthiness of the two separate eye-witness accounts
  • Why many  prayer requests are not granted in spite of Jesus’ apparent promises that God will give us whatever we ask for
  • The chief priests and elders question Jesus’ authority
  • Jesus’ exousia (authority) and dunamis (power)

Stay in the battle!


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