Matthew 12:1-30 Getting it Right about the Sabbath (Podcast)

Contents of this study:

Evidence from both the Old and New Testaments that the Sabbath was a law God gave Israel to keep them holy–separated from other nations. It was not part of God’s eternal moral law.
How the legalistic rabbis made the Sabbath a heavy burden. Examples from the Talmud of the extreme legalism that characterized their rules.
How Jesus overruled all their rules and regulations.
Why Jesus often told healed people not to broadcast what He had done.
How Jesus fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecy.
Evidence that Jesus was truly a man.
How Jesus and the Holy Spirit worked together to perform the supernatural works.
Why  the Jewish leaders claimed that Jesus was doing supernatural things by the power of the devil.
How Jesus showed how irrational their claim really was.
C.S. Lewis’ famous quote on the identity of Jesus

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