Killing Pre-K Kids–A Balanced Approach

(When I first posted this brief satire, I did not include this opening paragraph or the closing paragraph. But Vickie suggested, and upon reflection I agreed, that many today who read satire may not recognize it for what it is really saying. I believe that abortion is America’s holocaust. What was once unthinkable has become a commonplace legal procedure. I am trying to draw analogies here that my help us put this holocaust into a better perspective.)


Of course, we all agree that we would like to see the number of murders of pre-kindergarten kids reduced. It’s very sad when moms feel that they have no other recourse but to murder their children. Hopefully, we can soon produce the kind of climate where these moms do not feel the need to kill their pre-kindergartners. Improving their financial situation and providing other options would hopefully go a long way to stopping these kinds of killings.

However, we must respect a mom’s right to choose what is best for her own life depending on the specific circumstances in her life. We must not be judgmental. In order to accommodate these needs, we must have federal laws enacted that will ensure the following:

1) We must provide funding from American taxpayers to make it possible for poor mothers of other countries who choose to kill their pre-k kids to do so in a medically safe environment.

2) If a young mother (under 18) happens to feel the need to kill her pre-k child, the parents of that young mother should not be involved in that decision. (However, she still must have her parent’s permission before the school authorities can give her an aspirin for a headache.)

3) We must make sure that kids are actually killed before they reach kindergarten. Preferable, they should be killed before they are over a few months old. However, respecting the rights of these mothers, if the need arises for her to kill her child on the way to the first day of kindergarten–even if the child is getting ready to get out of the car to walk into the kindergarten building, we must make allowances for this need. However, under no circumstances, may the child be killed after the first day of kindergarten.

4) Since the preferred way of providing for the disposal of pre-k children would be through existing medical facilities, all health care providers must be willing to cooperate and participate as needed and as their skill level allows in providing this kind of care for distressed moms. Health care providers should not be allowed to "opt out" (for conscience sake) of this unfortunate but necessary kind of care.

5) We must remind moms that these pre-k kids need not be thought of as actual "persons." If they are detrimental to the health of these moms, provision must be made for their disposal.

Once again, all of us wish to reduce the number of these killings. But to do so through legislative mandate would be to inappropriately impose our value systems on these poor moms.


On another, but related issue, while we all have a desire to reduce the existence of slavery throughout the world, it would be inappropriate for us to impose our value system on others legislatively. In fact, while we seek to reduce slavery, we must recognize the needs of slave owners and their individual circumstances. Therefore, when necessary, we will use American taxpayer money to allow slave owners from other countries to purchase additional slaves when needed. And if some of our own citizens, because of unfortunate circumstances, feel the need to enslave fellow citizens (especially those of minority groups), we must not be judgmental. Hopefully, by improving conditions over time, we can reduce slave ownership in a responsible manner that will not interfere with the rights of slave owners.

(Surely all reading this brief satire will agree that it would be a horrific moral outrage to legally allow the murder of small children or the enslavement of human beings. I believe it to be equally horrific to legally condone the murder of unborn children. Also, think, why would so called "pro-choicers" want to make abortion rare anyway? Why make it rare if it is not morally outrageous? No one argues that we should make the removal of fibroid tumors rare! Abortion is a blight and a scourge on our land. And to take the hypocritical position (as many in the current administration do take) that we should make it legal but rare, is equivalent to saying we should make slavery legal but rare, or the murder of young children as legal but rare.)

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