John 20–The Powerful Evidence of His Resurrection (1 of 2) (podcast)

(Part 2 is here)

In many ways, this chapter is what the Gospel of John, and the New Testament, and the Bible, and life itself are all about. The resurrection proves that, on the cross, Jesus really did defeat sin, death, the grave, hell, and Satan. And God chose the power of eye-witnesses to His resurrection, who were willing to die rather than deny the truth about His resurrection, to cause the early church to grow explosively.

Topics: the power of eyewitness testimony, how the disciples were so sure of His resurrection that they were willing to die rather than recant, the beauty and power of Jesus’ appearance to Mary Magdalene, the significance of the hesitancy of the apostles to believe that He was really alive, the possible significance of the two angels in the tomb, the possible significance of the fact Mary did not immediately recognize Him, the significance of the fact that this is the first time in the Gospel of John that Jesus calls his followers “brothers,” how Jesus comes to them (and us!) at their moment of greatest fear, how subtle and persistent the enemy of fear can be.

(Part 2 is here)

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