Habakkuk–What the Righteous Are to Do When Judgment Falls (Podcast)


Overview of Habakkuk. Frustration with God for letting sin go so far for so long. Frustration with God for using wicked people to carry out His Judgment. How God often brings about the most growth in His people through pain. How Habakkuk 3 is written as a Psalm so that we can all sing/pray it along with Habakkuk. Keys to the correct response for a righteous man when judgment is falling on the sinful people around him. How we can be extremely unhappy with circumstances and yet full of the joy of the Lord at the same time. How totally dependent we are on mercy when Judgment comes. How we cannot plead for leniency on the basis of our good works. Learning to keep our focus on God in the tough times.

The New Testament points to Habakkuk again and again. There is great wisdom here for responding in a godly way when judgment falls.

Stay in the Battle!

Steve Hall

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