Genesis 8-9 After the Flood (Podcast)

Conclusion of the previous podcast. Why we must have the Judgment. Without the Judgment life leads to despair. Also, because all of us do things from bad motives (e.g., pride and fear) and because God Judges on the basis of what is in our hearts, there is no hope for us apart from Jesus. How both liberals and conservatives can botch the truth about the Judgment. In Christ we can warn people of the coming Judgment without being arrogant or prideful ourselves.

God remembered Noah. The raven and the dove. The altar and the  burnt offering. How the seasons may have begun. Men become meat-eaters. Animals become man-fearers. Significance of clean vs. unclean meats. The institution and significance of the death penalty and those who would remove it. The problem with the death penalty in America. Comparison with the effect of  “no gun” signs.

First use of the word covenant.  God’s promise. Includes the animals. The rainbow.

Noah’s sin of drunkenness and immodesty. Ham’s sin. The curse on Canaan. The horrific interpretation that was given this passage by earlier racists in America.

Stay in the Battle!

Steve Hall

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