Genesis 23–the Death and Burial of Sarah (Podcast)

Sarah is the only woman whose age at her death is given in Scripture. She is also the only woman that we are encouraged, twice, to learn from. In spite of her mistakes, she provides a godly example of faithfulness and loyalty.

Mourning over the death of a loved one is normal and a God-given way to express sorrow.  Yet we mourn with great hope.

We learn some things about the ancient, healthy, honor culture from this chapter. It contrasts with the horrifying, murderous, demonic way that parts of modern Islam practice a so-called honor culture. Women’s advocacy groups estimate that over 20,000 women are killed in the form of honor killings each year. Examples are given here.

Over the course of his life, Abraham was required to give up some things that were very precious to him, including, now, his wife of many decades, Sarah. We too will be required to do the same. It is important for us to focus, as Abraham did, on things that we will certainly not ever be required to give up.

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