Finding Things in the “Growing Strong in Christ” Archives

From time to time you may wish to find information or do a study of a particular topic found in these posts and podcasts. There are a couple of ways to do that.

You may have noticed a search window at the top of each post. That’s one easy way to find particular posts.

But you may not realize that you can find posts by topic. Notice the link in the heading picture that says “Latest Post and Topics.” If you click on that link, you will find, in the left hand column, a list of “categories” (really topics). If you click on the little arrow in front of each topic, you will see a list of links to posts that have something to do with that topic.topicspage3

The list of topics is made of up words that simply came to my mind when I first uploaded the post. So don’t forget to look for topics that may be similar (e.g., “depression, worry, anxiety, encouragement, discouragement,” or, “suffering, trials, difficulties, tribulation,” etc.)

You could simply scroll down the list of topics until you find a topic you are interested in. Or, if you are looking for a particular topic on that page, you might prefer to use CTRL-F to open a search window for that page only.

For example, if you click on the arrow pointing to “Bible Study,” you will find a list of links to 14 posts, five of them podcasts. Just click on any one of them to read or listen.



Hope this helps. Stay in the Battle!


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