Exodus 25-27 The Tabernacle Points to Jesus (Podcast)

In this study:

  • The generous offering the people gave for construction of the tabernacle and what it tells us about giving and about people
  • How the Ark of the Covenant points us to our Merciful God
  • The three items in the box and why they were there
  • The Table of the Showbread–God desires fellowship with His people
  • The Menorah–The Light of Jesus shines through us
  • The four layers of the coverings of the tabernacle and what they teach
  • The frames of the tabernacle
  • How the Veil points us to Jesus
  • How the Bronze Altar points us to the cross of Jesus
  • How the Oil for the Menorah reminds us that we must walk continuously filled with the Holy Spirit

Stay in the battle!


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