Acts 7 & 8 The Spirit of Power at Work (Podcast)

In this study:

How God empowered Stephen to preach a sermon that brought great conviction.

How God used persecution to cause the gospel to go out to more people. Why the persecuted church often seems more effective at sharing the gospel than the comfortable church.

Saul’s brutality against Christians. How the early Christians may have considered the unconverted Saul to possibly even be the Antichrist.

How God’s use of Saul should be of great encouragement to any believer who is willing to be used by God, no matter how shameful our past might be.

How Simon Magus illustrates a kind of belief that does not lead to salvation. What Irenaeus and Justin Martyr had to say about him. The danger for us when we hear a powerful sermon or a powerful worship song.

How some non-charismatic evangelical scholars differ on their understanding of the coming of the Holy Spirit into the life of a believer.  The danger of assuming that we are filled with the Holy Spirit just because we have asked and He has promised (i.e., as a logical inference only). The effects of the empowering work of the Holy Spirit.

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