Acts 5:17-29 We Must Obey God Rather than Men (Part 1) (Podcast)

In this podcast:

Two temptations that may come when God chooses to use  His power through us: (1) Pride can tempt believers through whom God is working. (2) Jealousy can tempt others.

Discussion of when (and when not) to use the label “false teacher.”

How God may, temporarily, deliver His kids from suffering and death, but always, eventually, through suffering and death.

Contrast between apostles, who feared God, and the Sanhedrin, who feared men.

Contrast between the power of God and the power of men. How Christians must be prepared to cope with the political power of men who are determined to force Christians to violate their consciences.

Why Christians must be submissive to the ruling authorities. When that submission must be abandoned for  civil disobedience.

Examples of believers being punished in the U.S. for refusing to violate their conscience.

Clarification of the amazingly controversial (and horribly mis-characterized) Mississippi religious freedom protection law.  Why some businesses may be applying pressure on the religious freedom of citizens when it comes to LGBT issues.

What the Manhattan Declaration (2009) is all about.

Stay in the Battle!


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