A Painful Lesson from Wasps

I received an encouraging email from a church planter in New Jersey the other day. He told me how he and his six-year-old son were using my Youtube Devotionals as part of their evening devotions. (I uploaded the devotionals last summer for my grandchildren.) He said his son’s favorite was the “one about the wasps.” I’ve included it here.

Essentially it is one of the many funny episodes from my childhood that God used to teach me some valuable lessons. This one taught me the foolishness of being a show-off. Unfortunately, being a show-off not a temptation that ends with childhood! It’s a plague that many adults of all ages have to deal with. Men seem especially vulnerable. We want to show off our expertise, our knowledge, our strength, our skills, our abilities and on and on it goes.

Fortunately for us, it usually just makes us look like jerks. Yes, I said fortunately. If we don’t realize how much it makes us look like jerks, we are liable to keep on doing it. If someone can get it through our heads that all we are doing is making ourselves look like jerks, we just might humble ourselves a bit. And God is really fond of humility!

Hope you enjoy the devotional video! It lasts about five and a half minutes.