1 Samuel 24 David Teaches us to Wait on God–Part 1 (podcast)

In this Podcast:

The first eight minutes of this podcast is a report from our Daughter-in-Law, Melissa Miller, concerning the work of CASA [Court Appointed Special Advocates] of East Tennessee.

In this Bible Study:

  • A review of chapters 21-23
  • David’s wives
  • David at En-gedi
  • How reprieves from spiritual battles must be recognized as temporary
  • How David refuses an opportunity to stop all the stress by killing Saul
  • David’s tender conscience
  • How David knew he couldn’t let his men do his dirty work and escape guilt
  • How David (and Peter and Paul) teach us to honor and respect godless rulers for the sake of the Lord who instituted them and for the sake of the office
  • How some unteachable spiritual leaders abuse the phrase, “Touch not mine anointed.”
  • How we need to be sensitive not to attempt to burden spiritual leaders with unnecessary nitpicking criticism
  • The deception of emotional, but temporary, remorse
  • How betrayers can arise from unexpected sources
  • Example from Solzhenitsyn (The Gulag Archipelago) from the reign of Stalin to illustrate the atmosphere in which betrayal becomes common.

Stay in the battle!


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