1 Samuel 21:1-23:6 Lessons from Saul and David (podcast)

In this study:

  • A brief review of chapters 16-20
  • David’s encounter with Ahimelech at Nob
  • A brief history of the tabernacle and the ark
  • How Jesus used this encounter to emphasize that people were more important than the ceremonial law or the holiness code
  • The significance of the Urim and the Thummim
  • David’s flight to Philistia and it’s consequences, including Psalms written at this time
  • David at Adullam. How the group of 400 men who came out to him typifies our relationship with Christ
  • Alan Redpath quotes
  • Significance of the Psalms that David wrote from Adullam
  • Why David decided to leave his parents in Moab
  • Introduction to the prophet Gad
  • Overview of some of the ways that God encouraged David during these difficult days
  • How Saul played the role of a victim
  • How Doeg, under orders from Saul, slaughtered all the priests, their families, and the livestock.
  • The Psalm (about Doeg) that David wrote after the single escapee from the slaughter of the priests, Abiathar, came to him
  • How David’s deliverance of the town of Keilah from the Philistines contrasts with Saul and Nob

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