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Math PowerPoint Presentations

Steve Hall, Math Teacher

(The purpose of these pages is to help students who need review in some basic Algebra 1 topics. These pages may also be valuable for review for end-of-course exams, such as Gateway exams.)

(These presentations are now available on CD!)

The following Microsoft PowerPoint math presentations were prepared by Steve Hall, high school math teacher, for use in his high school math classes.

You are welcome to browse through these presentations and make recommendations for improvements! Each slide has an email click point near the bottom of the page.

Please be patient while each presentation loads. It might take a couple of minutes! If you are using a dial-up connection (56k), it may take 5 minutes or more!

You can watch the presentations full-screen by clicking on the small screen icon in the lower right corner of the first slide of each presentation. Once again, this may take a few minutes!

In order to avoid waiting, you may want to order the CD! (You may  also order the CD using PayPal!)

Algebra Review CD Description:
The CD contains seventeen Powerpoint presentations on one CD. Includes "Fractions," "Exponents," "Solving Word Problems," "Integers," "Radicals," "Matrices," "Graphing Linear Equations," and more. Suitable for classroom presentations! This CD contains all the math Power Point presentations that are found on this web site, along with a PowerPoint Viewer. (These are full-featured PowerPoint presentations, enabling, for example, the user to start a presentation at any point--unlike the more limited web presentations. PLUS--NO MORE WAITING FOR PROGRAMS TO LOAD!!) Great for Algebra review!

(Order the CD for only $4.95 plus $1.95 S/H)

Students can work their way through each presentation simply by left-clicking each slide with the mouse. (Alternately, you can use the keyboard arrows to move back and forth through the program.) I would like to remind all students that it is important to stop and THINK about each step before moving on through the presentation. Students are also encouraged to email me to offer any questions or comments.

Keys to Success in my Math Courses A brief presentation of some of the more significant points for students wishing to experience the most success in my math classes at Tellico Plains High School
Algebra 1 Review: Solving Equations A brief review of some of the concepts and techniques needed to successfully solve some equations. The focus is on equations with one variable involving the distributive property.
Algebra 1 Review: Order of Operations A brief review of the importance of following the correct order of operations when evaluating expressions.
Algebra 1 Review: Absolute Value Equations An overview of the concept of absolute value with several examples of how to solve equations involving absolute value.
Algebra 1 Review: Word Problems An introduction to some of the basic techniques for solving word problems. Includes  "translations"of some of the most common expressions from English into Algebra.
Algebra 1 Review: Fractions A review of the basic procedures for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions and mixed numbers.
Algebra 1 Review: Integers 1 A review of the nature of integers plus procedures and practice in adding and subtracting positive and negative integers.
Algebra 1 Review: Integers 2 Procedures and practice in multiplying and dividing positive and negative integers.
Exponents Demonstrates multiplication, division, and raising to a power various expressions containing exponents.
Scientific Notation--1 Introduction to scientific notation. Changing numbers in standard form to numbers in scientific notation, and vice-versa.
Scientific Notation--2 Performing basic operations with numbers written in scientific notation.
Matrices--1 An introduction to the concept of matrices. Basic operations and simple determinants are introduced.
Matrices--2 Identity Matrix; Inverse Matrix; Using Matrices and Calculators to solve systems of equations.
Linear Equations--1 Reviews Cartesian coordinate system, graphing ordered pairs, and the concept of slope.
Linear Equations--2 Reviews basic linear equations in standard and slope-intercept form, finding slope and the y-intercept, plotting graphs of linear equations.
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