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Psalm 84 Learning to Worship from the Sons of Korah (podcast)

In this study:

  • The fascinating history of the sons of Korah
  • Nuggets from some of the Psalms of the sons of Korah
  • Significance of God’s use of the plural “tabernacles”
  • Significance of the tabernacle of David and Mt. Zion
  • Developing a hunger for God
  • Significance for us of God’s love for little birds
  • Significance of the word “Selah”
  • God: our Strength and our Shield
  • How Psalm 84 points us to Christ

Previous study on the Tabernacle of David

(For those of you who were present for this study, I took about 7 minutes after class to finish out the Psalm.  I inserted those comments beginning at about 46:20.)

Stay in the battle!


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