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Nehemiah 3, 7, 11 Many Names–Many Lessons (podcast)

Nehemiah chapters 3, 7, and 11 consist largely of long lists of names. But tucked away in the lists are powerful spiritual lessons. We must not miss these!

Topics: Characteristics of the spiritual gift of organization. The importance of leaders setting an example. The importance of doing our work for the Lord, not for other people. The importance of being willing to do so-called menial work.  When we sin, the importance of repenting, confessing, accepting God’s forgiveness and getting back into the battle. We must not use the excuse of past sin to stay out of the battle. The importance of continued growth in learning how to worship well.  How we, as believers, can build walls to protect ourselves and our families from sin, from challenges from other worldviews, and from doctrinal error. The value of podcasts. Tips for using smartphone podcast apps and Bible study apps. The danger of population decline.


Here are a few of the podcasts I mentioned. If you have iTunes or one of the android podcasts apps, you can search for them from within the app.  If you have an android phone, you can download the podcast app I use, BeyondPod, from the play store or one of many other good podcast apps. The links below will take you to internet sites where you can either listen directly or learn more about these podcasts.

The Briefing: A daily podcast from Dr. Al Mohler, president of Southern Seminary in Louisville, KY, consisting of learning how to think about contemporary issues and news items from a Christian world view.  (~20 minutes daily, M-F)

The World and Everything in It: An excellent daily reporting of news and commentary from a Biblical world view. Very professional. Good commentary on political, economic, and cultural issues. (~25 minutes daily, M-F)

Ask Pastor John: A brief daily podcast of John Piper answering tough questions from people all over the country. Questions cover Biblical and doctrinal issues, ethical issues, etc. (~5 minutes daily, M-F)

Stand to Reason: A weekly podcast by Greg Koukl helping Christians learn how to think more clearly, how to engage non-believers in profitable conversations, how to ask good questions, etc. Koukl also answers questions called in by listeners from all over the world. Good apologetics information. (3 hours weekly) Usually 2-4 young men who discuss various issues that relate to some area of apologetics in a kind of round table format. (2 hours weekly)

There are at least two other podcasts that I should have mentioned in the lesson.

Please Convince Me: J. Warner Wallace is a very sharp Christian who was converted from Atheism as an adult. He is a cold-case homicide detective in Los Angeles.  He has an additional web site, Cold Case Christianity (the title of his book) which is also quite valuable. He has lots of valuable information relating to Christian apologetics.

Unbelievable: This is a British podcast, hosted by Justin Brierley. A common format is Justin moderating a discussion between a believer and an unbeliever about various topics relating to Christian apologetics.

The Bible study app I mentioned is called MySword for Android, and can be downloaded from  the play store. There is a similar app for ipads called PocketSword. It can be found in the IPad store.

Hope this helps!

Stay in the battle!

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