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Proverbs 8 & 9–Wisdom Cries Out (podcast)

Topics: Why it is important for us to recognize God’s use of the literary device of personification in these verses. (Jehovah’s Witnesses do not recognize this use of personification.) A brief look at other  examples of metaphors and personification in the Scriptures. Anyone who wants wisdom can find wisdom. Gullibility can seem to be endearing, but God is not pleased with it. Why it is dangerous.How wisdom is more important than money. Why God hates pride so much. The importance of elected  and appointed officials praying for wisdom. Suggestions from the Bible that the earth is really round. How it’s possible to hear wisdom and still neglect it. Learning to think long range. How young kids and fools focus only on the short range. The importance of reproof and a God-given exception to giving reproof. How to recognize wise people. The difference in promises and principles. How Proverbs is a book of principles and general truths, not promises.

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