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1 John 2-4 Christians Don’t Continue in Sin (Part 1) (Podcast)

Christians do not reach sinless perfection in this life. But Christians do walk in righteousness. According to John, those who claim the name of Christian but who continue to live a life of sin are lying. Christians have already experienced a radical internal change. At the resurrection, Christians experience a radical external change.  When it comes to the righteousness of Christ, it’s good to make sure we understand the difference between the terms “imputed righteousness,” “imparted righteousness,” and what the Roman Catholics call “infused righteousness.” Jesus has destroyed the works of the Devil. There is a vital connection between the righteousness of Christ and loving the family of God. We can understand  why many who are not Christians actually hate those who are. We must learn how to respond to them in a Christlike way. All this strongly relates to the confusion about sexual issues in our day.

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