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Praying for Our Nation

Here are a few ideas for whatever time you may be setting aside to pray for our nation. Obviously,  a list like this can never be exhaustive. But maybe these items might jump start our prayers. I won’t try to put them in any particular order. I’m sure that would get me hopelessly confused! 🙂

Let us pray…

…that God would raise up articulate spokesmen and spokeswomen who understand His principles, and provide them a platform for communicating His truth to the people.

…that God would frustrate the counsel of ungodly people, overthow their wicked advice, confound their leadership, remove them from positions of influence and authority.

…that God would give courage to those elected officials and judges who understand His principles that they would stand even in the face of political loss.

…that those leaders who want to know God’s wisdom will find it.

…that those leaders who don’t want to know God’s wisdom will be thwarted.

…that true Christians would make time to pray and intercede for officials and also to communicate with them (phone, mail, email) to encourage them to stand for godliness.

…that Christians would take the time and energy to become informed and vote their Christian values at every election.

…that unbelievers would become aware of the horrific destructive power of sin, quit excusing and rationalizing it, and come to repentance.

…that Christians would portray an accurate picture of the Christian life to those who don’t know Christ. (i.e., We are not perfect. We certainly blow it badly sometimes. But our attitude toward sin and Christ has changed forever.)

…that judges would understand that it is wrong to make new laws using court decisions, and that they would undo past instances when judges have essentially enacted legislation from the bench.

…that people would realize the value of human life and the horror of abortion and euthanasia.

…that people would realize that marriage is God-ordained and not an invention of man to be tampered with according to our whims and fancies.

…that we will repent of our national arrogance and humble ourselves before God (2 Chr 7:14)

…that we will recognize that our only hope is trusting God and our greatest threat is trusting ourselves, human leaders, any human, or anything other than God.

…that God would give wisdom in how we are to relate to other nations–including  our allies, our antagonists, and rogue nations ruled  by thugs.

…that God would give wisdom to those who make decisions that affect our economy.

…that God would protect His people from assaults and attacks from the ungodly.

…that Christians would discipline themselves to learn how to be salt and light in a dark world.

…that God’s kingdom will come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Father, we pray these things in Jesus’ name, Amen!

Stay in the battle!

Steve Hall